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The web is changing lives everyday. We searched for the most inspiring and amazing stories of how the web and Google have played a pivotal role in transforming lives in Africa.

Your votes are in. We would like to introduce you to the five winners of the Africa Connected success story contest. Each winner will receive a $25,000 in prize funds, as well as, expert assistance from Google to help make the impact of their venture even greater. Here are the stories that inspired you the most:

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Learn about our five winners

  • Eric, Nigeria
  • Eseoghene, Nigeria
  • Christopher, Ghana
  • Eunice , Uganda
  • Sitawa, Kenya
  • Eric Vocal Slender Location: Nigeria
    Eric (aka Vocal Slender) started out working as a scavenger digging through dump sites to find scraps to sell, so that he could pay for studio time to record his music. He was first discovered by BBC for a documentary called "Welcome to Lagos" and his clip of the documentary was shared on YouTube through which he became known across the world. Since the documentary, Eric has recorded several songs, which he distributes on his YouTube channel opening his music up to a new audience. To give back to the community he comes from, Eric uses Google+ and YouTube to raise awareness of underprivileged youngsters in the slums of Lagos. He started a charity that raises funds for scholarships and encourages kids to stay in school.
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  • Eseoghene Hesey Designs Location: Nigeria
    Eseoghene started her own accessories business right out of university. She used Google Search and YouTube to learn how to create handbags, and via Search found contacts for blogs and magazines to feature her products. Her bags, which she now sells through her business website, have been featured in over 100 blogs. Helping others create a source of income, Eseoghene also conducts training classes for other women who want to learn her trade and build a similar business for themselves. Her dream is to build her business into an international brand that promotes African designs.
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  • Christopher Technol Services Location: Ghana
    Christopher runs a transport company enabling drivers in Ghana to gain access to loans to buy cars, which they use to earn a living. He uses Google Maps in his vehicle tracking devices to constantly monitor the location of vehicles under bank loans. This gives the banks assurance that cars and loans are always protected, and enables Christopher to empower more drivers.
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  • Eunice The Medical Concierge Group Location: Uganda
    The Medical Concierge Group attempts to help communities that have been deprived of quality healthcare and health information in Uganda. Eunice, a Ugandan physician, has built a 24 hour accessible ambulance call centre to improve access to health care services by using the Google API dashboard and Google Maps to record patient information and track patient locations. By using these tools, Eunice and her team are able to help connect more Ugandans to medical services at a faster rate therefore helping to save lives.
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  • Sitawa My Mind, My Funk Location: Kenya
    Sitawa is an influential blogger on mental health in East Africa who used Google Blogger to establish her award winning blog as a source of reference for people looking for support and information on the topic. Sitawa aspires to build a resource centre where people that have mental health issues can gain access to information online and all the help they need to manage their conditions.
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