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About Africa Connected

What is Africa Connected?

Africa Connected a dynamic platform hosting a collection of inspirational stories of achievement and impact that demonstrate how Google has enabled people in Sub-Saharan Africa to change their world. It’s the first and largest collection of inspiring stories, about Africans who are achieving social and economic impact online. Africa Connected is also an educational platform that offers resources to people to get the most out of the Internet.

What is the Africa Connected competition?

In 2013-2014 Google ran a contest to discover some of the most inspiring stories about how Africans have used the Internet to create change. Google awarded $25,000 to the five most inspiring stories. Hear their stories.

Why is Google doing this?

Google is committed to investing in Sub-Saharan Africa, and we want to help get more users online by developing an accessible, relevant, vibrant and self-sufficient Internet ecosystem. To do that, we’re increasing the visibility of what Africans are achieving online right now. We believe these stories will inspire more Africans to use the Internet in innovative ways that benefit themselves and their communities.

What countries does this campaign cover?

The campaign is open to all residents of countries in Africa excluding Sudan. The same applies to the competition submissions.

What prizes will be won?

$25,000 will be awarded to five of the top most inspiring stories in Sub-Saharan Africa where the web has played a pivotal role in achieving success. $25,000 will be disbursed upon winners being announced. Each winner, and at Google’s discretion, will also receive an opportunity to work with a Google functional expert within the first six-months of winning their prize. Google experts can help provide advice on how to grow your venture and better incorporate Google products into your plans. For details, visit the terms & conditions.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Entrants must be 18 years or older as of August 27, 2013. Also, entrants must be able to show proof of residence in one of the eligible countries in Africa. For details, visit the terms & conditions.

What if I submit and do not win?

Only five most inspiring ventures will be awarded monetary prizes. However, if your story is shortlisted, it can still be profiled on the campaign website. Through the campaign marketing and PR efforts, your achievements can continue to benefit from increased exposure to an international audience helping to raise awareness of what you are doing in the broader ecosystem on the web in Africa. Even after the contest, you can continue to submit your story for an opportunity to be profiled on the Africa Connected platform.

How can I learn more about the products featured in the stories?

To learn more about the Google products featured in the inspiring Africa Connected stories, visit the Learn More section of this website or go directly to Google Products page.

Are you going to run another contest?

We do not plan to run another contest at this time. However, you can still submit your story for an opportunity to be featured on the Africa Connected platform.